• JOFRA DTI-1000 - Reference Digital Temperature Indicator

    The DTI-1000 can be used with a JOFRA STS Superior Temperature Standard probes as the working temperature reference in nearly any calibration application, or it can be set up directly in custody transfer applications where high accuracy (low uncertainty) is important.

    Features for the DTI-1000

    • High accuracy 0.005°C (0.009°F)
    • Resolution 0.1 - 0.01 or 0.001
    • True-Ohm measuring principle
    • Dual channel inputs A and B, with differential  value A-B, peak hold, etc.
    • Range -200°C to 750°C (-328°F to 1,382°F)
    • Battery or mains adapter supply
    • RS232 interfase as standard
    • Calibration PC software included
  • The JOFRA DTI-1000 digital temperature indicator is a fully traceable thermometer recommended as the reference instrument to verify the true temperature of any type of temperature calibrator, liquid bath or dry-block calibrator.