Parker Print-Surf (Dual Head)

    Developed from Dr. John Parker's original method, the Parker Print-Surf is a microprocessor-controlled instrument, which performs high speed, precision measurements of paper surface roughness under conditions that simulate those encountered during the printing process. The specimen is clamped between a precision engineered measuring head and a specially designed backing assembly. The resistance to airflow is measured and converted to a mean roughness value in micrometers. In its latest form the instrument.

    offers extended ranges of clamp pressure and measurement capability, together with a dual-head option for increased testing efficiency. This versatile instrument provides the information you need to avoid time-consuming, costly printing problems.


    Fine paper, coated paper, newsprint, coated board, liner board, films and foils, printing/graphics, packaging, carton board.


    ISO 8791/4: Paper and board
    Determination of roughness/smoothness (air leak methods)

    • Part 4: Print-surf method

    •TAPPI T555: Roughness of paper and paperboard (Print-Surf method)

    • Membrane keypad operation
    • Dust purge
    • Automatic specimen detection
    • One-touch statistics display
    • Built-in diagnostic routines
    • Built-in calibration and paper reference standards
    • Calibration device included
    • Dual range to measure rougher samples
    • Extended clamp pressure range for better printing stimulation
    • Measures roughness/air permanence simultaneously (Dual Head model only)

    • Roughness Range-normal: 0.20-5.50um
    • Air Permeance range: ISO 5636/1:0-14.5 um Pas
      Air Permeance range: Bedsten equivalent: 0-10000 ml/min
      Air Permeance range: Gurley equivalent: 1-6000s
    • Clamp pressure-preset: 500, 1000, and 2000 kPa
    • Clamp pressure-custom setting: 100-5000 kPa
    • Alternative Language Options: French, German, Spanish or Finnish

      Depth:   558 mm (22 in)
      Height:   430 mm (17 in)
      Width:   476 mm (18.7 in)
      Weight   36 kg (80lbs)

    Electrical: 110 VAx, 60 Hz, 150 VA or 220 VAX, 50 Hz, 150 VA
    Air: 550-700 kPa (instrument quality)

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