32-07 Monitor/Slip and Friction

    Slip and Friction testing aids in the evaluation of chemicals and additives used to create or minimize the degree of friction between two contacting test specimens.


    Paper, Flexible Packaging, Foils, Rubber, Plastics, Wood,
    Linoleum, Metal, Printing, Coatings, Composites


    • Selectable speed from 5 to 43 cm per minute (2 to 17 inches per minute)
    • Selectable travel distance from 2.5 to 30.5 cm (1 to 12 in.)
    • Meets TAPPI T816, T549, and ASTM D1894


    • Digital display, storage and editing of up to 100 readings, and selectable units (COF or grams)
    • Settable limits
    • Statistics-average, standard deviation, high/low results.
    • Report printout with built in printer
    • RS-232
    • Static and kinetic coefficient of friction calculated in one operation.
    • Direct drive arm with unique skid control.
    • Sled-connecting mechanism ensures level pulling action.
    • Easily interchangeable sleds.
    • Full color easy to read Display


      Depth:   502 mm (19.75 in.)
      Height:   406 mm (16 in.)
      Width:   679 mm (26.75 in.)
      Weight   25 kg (55 lb)

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