61-76 ACT Automatic Cobb Tester

    See the water uptake as it happens!

    This innovative principle offers a completely new opportunity to characterise and understand the phenomena of dynamic water absorption. Here the water uptake is continuously monitored across a full 100 cm² area of sized paper or board as a function of time. Apart from the total amount of absorbed water over 60 seconds, this technology reveals the different dynamic components of water absorption. Once the operator has inserted the test specimen, the test is done automatically by the instrument as no weighing or blotting of the specimen is required. This way the regular operator time of three minutes for a 60 second Cobb test is reduced to only a few seconds for loading of the specimen.


    • Continuous monitoring of the water uptake in real-time reveals the dynamic absorption as it happens
    • Suitable for sized paper and board
    • Tests a full 100 cm² large area
    • Fully automatic operation reduces operator time from several minutes to a few seconds
    • No operator training required:
      • no weighing of sample, no blotting paper used, no heavy Couching Roll


    The specimen is clamped in a closed chamber against a porous membrane saturated with water. The absorbed amount of water is then continuously monitored using a precision level sensor. After a
    preset time (e.g. 60 seconds), the test is automatically terminated, free water on the test surface is removed and the clamp is opened up releasing the specimen. A Cobb value is finally displayed together with the curve showing dynamic water absorption as a function of time (see reverse for chart).


    Signal Interface   USB, LAN 10/100, COM-port
    Test cycle Time   15, 30, 60, 120, 180 seconds
    Sensor Resolution   0.1 Cobb
    Repeatability   ±0.5 Cobb
    Specimen size   min. 150 x 150 mm
    Water Supply   clean, filtered (<8µm)
    Water volume/test   < 100 mL
    Air Supply   8 bar (110 psi)
    Power Supply   100-240 VAC, 200 W
    Dimensions (HxWxD)   490 x 190 x 320 mm
    Shipping Dimensions   58 x 46 x 48 cm (0.13m³)
    Weight (Net/Gross)   26 / 35 kgs


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