84-58 Horizontal Tensile Tester

    Tensile testing is the most widely used method for indicating the serviceability of many papers. Tensile Energy Absorption (T.E.A.) indicates the durability of papers which are subjected to repetitive straining and stressing. The Horizontal Tensile Tester offers menu driven pre-selection of parameters and infra-red sample detection for quick, effortless testing.

    The tensile measurement aids in assessing the suitability of a product for its end use and close relationship between tensile strain and fiber bonding serve to make this a very important test. Büchel B.V. has developed the Horizontal Tensile tester to perform these relevant tests in a professional way. The instrument has a build in large black & white liquid crystal display that is used in a conversational mode, allowing input of specimen identity and all relevant test parameters. The test results are displayed and transmitted via the RS232-C serial output. The transmitted data may be used in a data acquisition system. Statistical data is calculated and displayed after the operator ends a test series.


    Newsprint, Packaging Papers, Liner, Medium, Carton board, Foils, Low elongation films


    ISO 12625-4


    • Selectable test speed of 5-120 mm/min (0.2-5.0 in/min)
    • Load cell ranges 50N, 100N, 250N, 500N
    • Clamping lengths 50, 100 and 180 mm
    • Specimen width 15mm, 25mm or 0.5 in
    • Meets TAPPI T-494, ISO 1924, AS/NZ 1301.448s, BS EN ISO 1924-2, CPPA D34, DIN 53112, SCAN P38


    • Test statistics generated at the push of a button
    • Load cell protected
    • Auto return after test complete
    • RS232 serial data output
    • Wet test option
    • Serial Printer output
    • Multi-language standard
    • Menu driven pre-selection of parameters and infra-red sample detection
    • Two pre-set test types are machine direction and cross direction
    • Optional software can add hand sheet tensile test


    • Average, Maximum, Minimum, Standard deviation, Coefficient of variation
    • Tensile strength (KN/m-Newton-Lb)
    • Elongation (%) and (mm)
    • Tensile Energy Absorption TEA (J/m²)
    • Tidx=Tensile Index (Nm/g)
    • Eidx= Tensile Energy Absorption Index (J/kg)
    • Tensile stiffness (kN/m)
    • E-modulus (Gpa)


      Depth:   410 mm (16 in.)
      Height:   240 mm (9.5 in.)
      Width:   720 mm (28 in.)
      Weight   38 kg (84 lb)


      Electrical:   110v/60Hz or 220v/50Hz, 1Ph
      Air:   (instrument quality) 600 kPa


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