70-02 Paper Basis Weight Scales
  • Economical and portable determination of basis weight!


    Quadrant Scales are available in three cost-effective models to give the most appropriate basis weight range. These scales determine the basis weight in g/m² or pounds by weighing a test sample of a given size.


        K320   K321   K323
    Range (g/m²):   0–250   0–250   0–175
    Graduation (g/m²):   1   1   0.5
    Sample size (cm²):   100   1000   1000
    Cutting template (cm):   10x10
      20x25   20x25
    Sample attached by:   hook   hook   basket
    Meets TAPPI T410, ISO 536, AS/NZ 1301.405, BS 3432, CPPA D3, DIN 53104, SCAN P6


        K320/321   K322   K323
    Depth:   210 mm (8.5 in.)   80 mm (3 in.)   630 mm (25 in.)
    Height:   380 mm (15 in.)   200 mm (8 in.)   420 mm (16.5 in.)
    Width:   480 mm (19 in.)   170 mm (7 in.)   420 mm (16.5 in.)
    Weight:   1.5 kg (0.4 lb)   150 g (0.33 lb)   4.5 kg (10 lb)

    Pocket Paper Weight Scale
    Pocket Paper Scales are economical, easy to assemble instruments that use their storage case as a convenient support. Scales include a cutting template.
    Model   Application   Range
    484   Ream Weight   0–100 lbs.
    Indicates directly the weight of a 500 sheet ream of three full sizes: 17x22, 24x36 and 25x38 in. using a 2x4 in. sample.
    K322   Grammage/Ream Weight   0–200g/m²
    Cutting template supplied: 70.7 x 70.7mm and 35 x 70.7mm. Indicates directly in g/m² using a 50cm² (50 square centimeters) specimen size. Samples hung with sample hook.
    Paper Basis Weight Scales photo 2.
    Model 484 Shown Above


    Quadrant Scales   Catalog Number
    Model K320   70-10-00-0001
    Model K321   70-10-00-0002
    Model K323   70-10-02-0001
    Pocket Paper Scale    
    Model K322   70-02-03
    Model 484   70-02-01

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