58-03 Densometers

    Model 58-03 measures air permeability (Gurley type) of sheet like materials including Paper, Paperboard and nonwovens. Porosity of paper or density is an important measurement when simulating conditions where paper is picked up under vacuum.

    Air resistance by the Gurley method measures the amount of time in seconds for a specific volume of air to pass through the voids in a sheet of paper under a specified clamping pressure.

    The Gurley type porosity tester is similar to the Bendtsen air permeance tester, see catalog # 58-21 Roughness and Air Permeance Tester.


    Liner, Paper, Tissue, Printing


    • Meets TAPPI T460, ASTM D726, ISO 5636/5, BS 5926, CPPA D.14, SCAN P19, and AS/NZ 1301.420


    • Standard 1” orifice
    • 20 ounce cylinder
    • Built-in leveling base
    • Built in automatic digital timer
    • RS-232 output
    • User-selectable measuring volume


    Smoothness/Softness Kit includes 2 weights, smoothness plate, softness plate and paper punch

    With Smoothness/Softness Kit meets T-479, T-460, T-490, D-726 and D-202)


      Depth:   254 mm (10 in.)
      Height:   508 mm (20 in.)
      Width:   254 mm (10 in.)


      Electrical:   Specify voltage requirements when ordering


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