LTCM Series Motorized Tester
  • The CHATILLON® LTCM Series is an economical, motorized tester optimized for product floor operation. When combined with a Chatillon DF Series digital force gauge, it provides users with an easy-to-use testing system for tensile, compression, peel and flexural testing applications.

    The LTCM Series features a large working area and 5-inch (130mm) throat ideal for large sample sizes. The base features pre-drilled holes for fitting fixtures and specialized testing jigs. Crosshead travel is controlled from a simple console or using an optional footswitch controller. Crosshead travel extends to 15 inches (380mm). Speed may be set from 0.2 to 20 in/min or 5 to 500 mm/min. A digital display indicates the travel speed during a test. The return speed may be configured to  automatically return at maximum speed. Mechanical deflection limits, located on the column face can be used to set travel limit setpoints. The crosshead will stop when either the upper or lower deflection limit is contacted.

    The LTCM Series can also use the digital output of a Chatillon DF Series digital force gauge to stop crosshead travel when a load limit is achieved.

    The LTCM Series is supplied with a hook and compression plate and certificate of conformance.

    • Use the LTCM with a DFX II gauge to perform repeatable product testing and record data for internal quality records.
    • Set the LTCM up to pull thread to a top limit and record the maximum tensile force on a DFE II then review 20 records on the gauge or download for analysis.
    • Attach a DFS II to the LTCM and perform a controlled break test on material to be used in your process to ensure the strength meets the requirements for your product quality.

    Tensile, Compression, Peel & Flexural Testing