• PG-2 is an automated instrument for measurements of static and dynamic contact angles even on absorbent materials like paper. The built-in camera captures a video sequence of the liquid droplet applied on the surface to measure contact angle (wetting), volume (absorption) and base width (spreading) of the droplet as a function of time. Connects to a standard laptop or PC with a USB port, which will also supply power to the instrument.


    • Static Contact Angles: Wetting of non-sorptive surfaces
    • ynamic Contact Angles: Wetting, absorption and spreading as a function of time
    • Advancing/Receding Angles: Wetting/de-wetting hysteresis of non-sorptive surfaces
    • Surface Tension Evaluates.
    • The probing liquid from a pendant drop.
  • Contact angle measurement to characterize the interaction between a liquid and a surface.

    Complies with test method

    • Tappi T458
    • ASTM D-724
    • ASTM D-5946

    Three models are available- PG2, PG3 & PGX+.