LeakPointer H2O
  • Dansensor® LeakPointer® H2O


    LeakPointer® H2O is the latest & simple to use accurate Vaccum Bubble Leak Tester for Flexible Pouches, sachets & Rigid containers. The unit accurately measures the leak in packages with visually shows the area of leak through water bubbles. Vaccum Leak Tester is very simple to use for Lab Operators.



    • Find out the location of Leak.
    • Test Packages with or without headspace in it.
    • Vacuum Leak Test as per ASTM F 3078.
    • Removable Tub & Dain Hose for easy cleaning.



  •  Applications:

    • Flexibles Pouches
    • Sachets
    • Semi-Rigid Packages
    • Rigid Bottles
    • containers