Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • The VERSITRON® Series is a top-loading tester with our exclusive test surface referencing feature, that applies the preload and full load through the test head. These systems comply with ASTM E-18. The preload is not applied through the elevating screw. In fact, the entire load system is modular and self-contained within the test head. With a single pull of a lever, the operator can perform an entire test cycle—applying both the preload and full load and obtained results in as little as 4 seconds. Operator influence on the test is negligible. Motor-drive systems are even easier using a footswitch or push button.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Heavy-Duty Clamping Jack rests are eliminated. Specimens weighing up to 240 ft-lbs  can be clamped in seconds.
    • Protect Your Diamond The removable clamping shield protects the diamond indenter from damage due to accidents such as those caused by samples shifting under load and contacting the diamond.
    • Unaffected By Dirt Cleaning of your test part is eliminated.
    • Fast and Easy Tests are performed in as little as 2 seconds, even on manually activated testers. Minimal operator training required.
    • Test Surface Referencing A shroud senses the indenter position relative to the test surface at preload. Should the sample deflect under major load, the shroud travels with the test surface to compensate and ensure a precise reference position. Accuracy is maintained. Errors due to vibration or dirty environments can be eliminated.
    • Modular System Architecture Configure your testing system based on your needs today, but with the flexibility to update tomorrow. Select from multiple types of frames, testing heads, drive mechanisms, indenters and accessories. Modular test heads can be easily removed, for example to change between regular and superficial testing, or for calibration, or for upgrading the embedded software with our latest features.


  • Rockwell Hardness Testing ASTM E 18.