Opacity & Optical Density
  • TBX Series-TBX 1000 & TBX 2000

    The TBX1000™ Transmission Densitometer measures ISO Visual diffuse Optical Density (OD) to 6.60D.  This wide measuring range allows evaluation of many types of film, laminates, and substrates.  The unit comes with a 2.00D calibration standard but optional valued calibration standards may be purchased.  The TBX1500™ also calculates positive and negative dot areas while the TBX2000™ measures percent opacity and transmission.  The data can be uploaded to spreadsheets via its USB port (An optional program needs to be purchased).  The TBX™ can show deviations from a stored reference value for all functions. 



    • Soft key menu operation 
    • Advanced optical system to meet various industries’ specifications
    • 7.5 inch throat to measure large samples 
    • Readings are very repeatable with a high degree of accuracy
    • Optional band pass filter 
    • USB port standard 
    • Software calibration 
    • Switchable LED table lamps 
    • Excellent for measuring optical densities of metallized films. 


    TBX 1000: Density; Density Difference.

    TBX 1500: Density; Density Difference; Positive and Negative Dot Areas.

    TBX 2000: Density, Density Difference; % Transmission; % Opacity.

  •  Plastic Films, Metallised Films, Laminates, Foils etc.