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Who we are

We started our journey in 1995 with a crystal clear objective of providing professional solutions in the testing, measurement and calibration field to the growth oriented and quality conscious industrial segments.

Hemetek supplies instruments from World’s leading manufactures; does value additions by manufacturing custom made accessories /software and machines for sample preparations. Hemshell Services, established in 2002 provides testing services and calibration services for the instruments to the industries addressed by Hemetek. Customer thus gets complete solution under one roof.

With globalisation and stiff competition, quality standards became stringent as we entered in 21st century. Maintaining and quantifying quality with uncertainty measurements is a continuous challenge. ISO17025 standard was introduced by National Accreditation Board for Laboratory (NABL) to accredit private companies for testing and calibration services and provide time bound and professional services to the industry to help them meet these challenges.

We were one of the first privately owned organisation to achieve this accreditation in 2002 in the field of on site force calibration and now the ONLY private company to have accreditations both in calibration as well as permeation testing field.

Today, our group is geared to provide solutions to improve an establish quality standards for a range of industries such as Polymers, Plastics, Packaging, Pharma, Food, Engineering and Educational/Research Institutions.

We eagerly look forward for an opportunity to serve you!