•  HT-2PC: Fully Automatic HOT TACK Tester


    RDM HOT TACK Tester with automatic Film Feeder & Industrial PC for fast operation, repetable measurements of HOT TACK STRENGTH of Packaging Plastic Films & Laminates.


    Complaince with ASTM F 1921.


    • Automatic film feeding for fast, error free results. Manual feeding when needed. 
    • Flexibility and data integrity for 200 tests across 20 sealing settings, per study.  

    • Heat seal/peel graphs & trend graph for peak load & selected variable parameter: Jaw Temperature, Pressure, Dwell, or Cooling Time.  

    • Easy operation via pre-set ‘Parameter Templates’ for Single, Replicate and Sequential Tests; simple to set-up, fully automatic and fast results. 

    • ‘Playlist’ controls (like a music playlist) automatically advances sealing conditions. 

    • PLC control of sealing & peeling parameters. Accurate PID temperature, precision load cells for pressure and high speed peel measurement. 

    • Industrial PC, Windows 10 IoT, USB and Ethernet connectivity. Export, print and create pdf and csv files. 

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  • Made for current Industrial applications in FMCG, Plastic Films & Laminates, Convertors, R&D Labs etc.