MAP Mix Provectus
  • MAP Mix Provectus – NEW

    A smarter way to mix gas!

    MAP Mix Provectus is a revolution – using a brand new operating principle. This principle improves a gas mixer’s accuracy, operation and appearance. The mixer is simple to use, completely reliable and rich in data, giving crucial feedback on information such as current gas flow, total gas consumption and actual gas mix – at any time.

    It is equally simple to select products – no more worries about inlet and outlet pressure, forget which gasses you need to mix and whether the gas mixer will work with your nitrogen or oxygen generators. You have but one decision to make: Mixing with two or three gasses? The rest is automatically set up on the intuitive touch screen once you turn on the power.

    Larger is not necessarily better. However limited in size, the MAP Mix Provectus provides a remarkable flow of up to 1,500 l/min – and should you want more, you can bridge up to three mixers and triple the capacity.

    Benefits :
    • Intuitive touch screen for easy set-up and operation
    • Meets traceability requirements - stores accurate information about current gas flow, consumption over time and gas mix
    • Avoids operator errors - programs up to 10 standard gas mixes
    • Integrates fully with the MAP Check 3 gas analyser for maximum efficiency
    • Helps reduce gas costs on flow packaging machines when paired with the MAP Check 3
    Features :
    • NEW: Data logging - consumption, date, time and gas mix
    • NEW: Very low pressure drop over the mixer, suitable for operation with nitrogen and oxygen generators
    • NEW: USB, Ethernet (LAN), RS232, Modbus TCP connections for data logging and control
    • Available for mixing 2 or 3 gasses
    • Mixes oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide