Density Gradient Columns
  • Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd


     Auto Density Gradient Apparatus (3 Column DGA & 6 Column DGA (RR/DGA)


    The Auto Density Gradient Apparatus from RayRan has become the world’s benchmark for accurate density measurement of small solid specimens using the column method. Offered as a 3 or 6 column version, the built in on-board Microprocessor system accurately calculates the specimen’s density more quickly and more accurately by using the latest linear encoder technology that measures the samples position in the column relative to the calibrated glass marker floats. Once the correct position of the sample is recorded the density is displayed on the LCD screen.


    To ensure results accuracy the density gradient Apparatus is supplied with digital temperature control to ensure the temperature of each column is at 23°c +/- 0.1°c. For ambient temperatures in excess of 23°c the integrated cooling coil can be used in conjunction with an optional water chiller unit so the correct temperature can be maintained.



    ·         Automatic density calculation

    ·         Automatic calibration system

    ·         LCD display

    ·         Resolution 0.0001 g/ml

    ·         Accuracy 0.0001 g/ml

    ·         Backlight

    ·         Variable speed pumped filling system

    ·         Twin conical filling flasks

    ·         Automatic magnetic stirrer

    ·         Automatic sweep mechanism

    ·         Stainless steel sweep baskets

    ·         7x optical microscope

    ·         Digital temperature control to 0.1°C

    ·         RS232 output

    ·         Cooling coil

    ·         110v 60hz and 240v 50Hz

    ·         Product user manual

    ·         Traceable calibration certificate

    ·         CE declaration certificate

    ·         1 year return to base warranty 

    ·         Conforms to ISO1183 & ASTM D1505

  • Polymer Industries, Plastic & Packaging Industries, Convertors, R&D Laboratories, Plastic & Polymer Institutes etc.

    Ray-Ran Auto Density Coulmn hepl industries to measure Density of Plstic/polymers precisely in simlified manner automatically which saves lot of labour times & cost over old traditional methods.