HEM-PHS Heat Sealer
  • With precise control on dwell time , temperature and seal pressure the Hemetek Heat sealer is suitable for applications including actual sealing of bags and pouches and determination of heat sealability of controlled and measurable sealing conditions.


    • Temperature of two dies separately controlled and displayed individually
    • Dwell Time is measured accurately on sealing onset in milliseconds
    • Exact sealing pressure and not on line pressure is digitally measured and displayed
    • No need to hold the foot switch, only one pulse required to start sealing process.
    • Interchangeable die surfaces available for smooth finish or serrated finish
    • Compact ergonomic design.
    • Rotating stand available for pouch sealing and flat laminate / film sealing. Ask us for more information.
    • Gauding rod for perfect seal contact between the sample.
    • Temperature range : ambient to 250°C.
    • Dwell time : 0.01 to 9.99 seconds
    • Sealing pressure : 02 bar - 06 bar

    For more information & brochure, please send email to sales@hemetek.com