Directors Message
Mr. Viraj Devasthale
(Chairman & Managing Director)

Our organization is strongly committed to imbibe and pursue and nurture ‘Quality Improvement Culture’ in this country. The company's ultimate mission is that all consumers should get value for money instead of compromising and accepting quality available in the market. We believe that quality is a very finely defined measure and can be improved upon only when measured with the least uncertainty. All these years, we strove hard to bring world proven technologies to our esteemed customers backed with a robust support plan for this endeavour.

Though we have crossed significant milestones in last decade, the journey has just begun, and we plan on achieving many more. We consider customer feedback and suggestions our most valuable source of inspiration as they offer us a real opportunity to improve.

In the years to come, Hemetek would like to leave its DNA on any new material testing development in the market place.
I thank all our partners and customers for their support all these years and would like to assure you that we will leave no stone unturned in reciprocating your faith and trust in this organization.