Tear Tester
  • The tear test, also known as the Elmendorf Test, measures the internal resistance to tearing. The Monitor/Tear features a digital display and interchangeable pendulums to measure forces up to 6.4N or an optional fast-change universal pendulum.Tear testing determines the force required to continue the tearing of an initial cut in sheet materials. This is also used to evaluate strength of perforated materials such as postal reply cards.

    The Monitor/Tear™ is an automated tear tester equipped with an optical encoder, measuring the angular position of the pendulum during the tearing operation, and converting this measurement to tear units.

  • Paper, Foil, Film, Textiles, Nonwovens Conforms to TAPPI T-414, ASTM D1922 and D1424, ISO 1974, CPPA D.9, AS/NZ 1301.400S, BS 4468, and SCAN P-11.