Ink Rub Tester
  • The Digital Ink Rub Tester is designed to measure scuffing or rubbing resistance. Several tests can be performed including dry rub-the amount of transfer ink from one dry surface to another, wet rub-the amount of transfer of ink from wetted surface to another, wet bleed or transfer-ink transfer to a water-saturated blotter, wet smear-similar to wet bleed with the addition or rub cycles, functional rub/wet rub-smear or transfer tests using a liquid other than water and hot abrasion. An optional heated weight provides a uniform test for evaluating “hot abrasion” resistance of printed cartons, labels etc.

    • Printing, Coatings, Packaging, Inks
    • ASTM D5264 Standard Practice for Abrasion Resistance of Printed Materials
    • TAPPI T-830 Ink rub test of container board