• Designed as an affordable and precision micrometer, the 49-76 is available in two models:

    • Model 49-76 is suitable for measuring thin sheet materials, the measuring range is 0.000-1.250 mm (0.00-50.00 mil), with a resolution of 0.02 mil.
    • Model 49-77 has a range of 0.000-12.000 mm (0.0000-0.5000 inch).
    • Model 49-76/77 is supplied in Imperial or Metric units of measurement. A serial port is included for data export.
  • Thickness measurements for Paper, Paperboard, Corrugated, Cloth, Plastic, Rubber, Plastic Film, Textile Fabrics, Nonwovens, Felts, Geomaterials, Floor Coverings, Leathers and Wipes.