M.I.T. Folding Endurance Testers

    With this machine, a pliable specimen is placed under a constant tension load. The specimen is then folded to an angle of 135° in either direction, at the rate of 175 double folds per minute until the specimen is severed at the crease. A variable folding rate option allows the operator to vary the folding rate between 20 and 175 double folds per minute.

    Three Models to Meet Your Requirements

    Model 1 - Paper

    For paper, leather, fine wire and other pliable materials with comparatively low elongation characteristics. This machine accepts standard 14 cm long by 15 mm wide specimens. Holding jaws are available that will accept specimens varying in thickness from 0.01 to 0.07 in. Jaw size(s) required should be stated when ordering.

    The optional centrifugal exhaust fan draws conditioned room air across the specimen and the head to accurately control the temperature and humidity in the fold area in accordance with TAPPI Method T 511 and ASTM D 2176.

    Model 2 - Plastics

    For plastics and other materials with relatively high amounts of elongation, this machine provides the same operating principles and holding jaw options as the Model 1, however, the loading system has been modified to automatically compensate for specimen elongation up to 100% on a 1 inch gage length. Loads of any desired magnitude from ½ lb. to 5 lb. in increments of ½ lb. can be applied with full assurance of uniformity throughout the test.

    Model 3 - Combination Paper and Plastics Tester.

    For maximum flexibility in testing both paper and plastic specimens, this versatile folding endurance tester incorporates the features and capacities of both Models 1 and 2, as described above, in a single unit.


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